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A sitter is a caregiver that can be available on a schedule or whenever a client needs them on a full-time or part-time basis. Sitters are non-medical professionals, but they are trained to care for seniors, disabled, and sick individuals. Our sitters can provide care in a variety of settings from homes to nursing facilities, senior housing, and rehabilitation centers.

What Sitter Services Entail

The roles of our sitters may vary from providing basic companionship or supervision to light housekeeping or running errands depending on the agreement with the client. Some of our basic sitter services include:
  • Companionship and company
  • Playing games or engaging in mentally stimulating activities
  • Short outings or walks if possible
  • Medication reminders and assisting with basic medication administration
  • Light guidance and assistance with exercises within the patient’s comfort level
In some cases, sitters may perform homemaker duties at an added cost. Some of these chores include:
  • Preparing light meals
  • Light chores such as laundry and tidying up
  • Short grocery trips, medication pickups, etc.
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Parkinson’s Care

Companion Care

Personal Care

Enjoy Your Peace of Mind

You can rest easy knowing that your loved one at home, in a rehab home, or in a hospital is in the capable hands of a sitter. This frees up time and also allows you to focus on your work, run your business or even sleep better knowing that the sitter has everything covered.

Reduce the Chances of Injuries

Struggling to prepare meals, drive, and keep up with daily activities can expose seniors to injury? With a sitter around, they get to either rest fully or they can get assistance with more rigorous activities to keep them safer. So in addition to providing much-needed companionship, a sitter promotes general wellness and provides support.

Do You Need Sitting Services in San Francisco, CA?

Do you need the services of a sitter in San Francisco? Get in touch with us today! Our courteous and caring staff at CareMo will ensure that your seniors experience the care and companionship they deserve. Call our helpline to request 24/7 or part-time sitter services in San Francisco, CA.

Companionship & Engagement

Research has shown that keeping seniors actively engaged will help keep their minds working and minimize the progression of various memory-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Having regular companionship will also help prevent feelings of loneliness and depression. Seniors who have people around are also less likely to fall sick and often heal faster from sickness and injuries.

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