Postpartum Recovery Care

The Caregiver You Need for Postpartum Recovery

Giving birth is only one of a gamut of labor-intensive jobs a woman could undergo. While your newborn is a priority, postpartum care should be given as much importance. Soreness, fatigue, bleeding, and the like are just a few of the side effects a mother may experience after childbirth. Contact CareMo to receive care that you can rely on after giving birth!

The following are some of the conditions that CareMo Home Care Aides can assist with:

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Providing the Home Care That You Need

The compassionate care provided by CareMo is based on the care that we provided to our loved ones in the past. This created in us a passion and commitment towards becoming caretakers ourselves and starting what today is a company with the goal of taking care of the elderly, post-operative patients, and any person in need of special assistance.

We Are More Than Caregivers

The team at CareMo has many years of experience and they are ready to assist you in most situations that require ongoing or partial care assistance. You can contact us to learn more about the many ways that we can provide in Daly City.
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Caregivers in Daly City for Postpartum Services

Vaginal Discharge

While vaginal discharges are being managed medically, Home Care Aides are trained to provide help and support to clients who need their diapers or bed covers changed in a way that pain is minimized, and comfort is prioritized. HCAs are also able to help in cleaning the areas affected by the bleeding.


Home Care Aides can be of help in preparing and applying cold compress and ice packs to ease contractions or vaginal pain after giving birth. Each application can be given as needed, or every hour for 10 to 20 minutes. Doing a warm compress can also be beneficial a few times a day after each bowel movement.


During the course of the pregnancy, labor, and child delivery, the pelvic floor muscles which support the uterus, bladder, and rectum are greatly stretched. This may result in urine leaks when coughing, sneezing, and laughing. Home Care Aides provide support in ensuring that the client is comfortable even during those unguarded moments. HCAs make sure that a client is wearing pads and doing pelvic floor exercises regularly to help tone the pelvic floor muscles and control the bladder.

Hemorrhoids and Bowel Movements

Home Care Aides make sure that a client eats foods high in fiber — including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains — and drinks plenty of water. HCAs also help in meal preparation and can do grocery shopping, if needed.

Breast Pain

Sore, engorged, and tender breasts are experienced by most, if not all, women after childbirth. This is especially unbearable if the client is breastfeeding. Home Care Aides can help place cold washcloths or ice packs on the client’s breasts to ease the pain and soothe the discomfort. HCAs can also assist in wearing supportive bras.


Binders, compression garments, and other supportive clothing are recommended especially after delivery through a C-section. Home Care Aides can assist clients in dressing up especially when the pain of surgery lingers during recovery.

Outstanding Caregiving Services in California

At CareMo, our Home Care Aides support a client’s individual needs. Our individualized care plans are prepared by our in-house professionals that include a physical therapist and nurses, after a thorough assessment of every client’s requirements and preferences.
For more details on how CareMo caregivers can help, please contact us at 650-488-0455

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