Post-Surgery Care

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Caregivers to Aid You After Surgery!

Post-surgical care is a service provided to an individual whenever he or she undergoes an operation. This includes lots of rest and a routine that will help return an individual to his or her full function and normal daily activities, the soonest time possible.

After surgery, there are many aspects of daily living to manage. It is imperative that the client always feels comfortable, dressings are clean, medications are taken at the right time, and a client’s immediate needs have been cared for. The physician will provide the patient with orders that will need to be followed based on the type of surgical operation undergone. These orders may contain information on when and how the patient will get up and move around to restore and maintain the body’s normal functions.

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The following are some expectations and conditions one should anticipate after surgery:

  • Pain, fatigue, and body malaise (general body weakness). 
  • Pain management through proper movements and prescribed medication 
  • Adhering to discharge instructions 
  • Wound or incision care
  • Limited mobility
  • Disorientation
  • Diet changes
  • And more

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Post-Surgery Expectations

Depending on the surgery, most clients need help and support for days following the procedure. Also, most clients will need ongoing care after leaving the hospital until they have fully recovered and can resume all normal activities without assistance.

While movements help in wound healing, energy can be conserved for further recuperation. Doing too much, too soon can prolong pain and irritation, inhibit motion, and delay full recovery. A Home Care Aide provides the much-needed help a patient needs while resting to recover. During these times, CareMo is always available to provide support and assistance.

Benefits of Having Post-Surgery Home Care Aide

  • Ensures that the patient is comfortable, safe, and as pain-free as possible
  • Shortens recovery time and helps the client return to normal life the quickest way possible
  • Monitors recovery and complications and communicates these to the care team for appropriate follow-up care or treatment
  • Performs necessary tasks when no one is around
  • Offers rest and encouragement
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CareMo Post-Surgery Care Services

CareMo’s trained and professional caregivers help surgery patients during the most difficult days, weeks, or months following surgery. CareMo caregivers will provide you with support to meet your daily needs and can assist you in completing many of the following tasks:

  • Bathing
  • Dental hygiene
  • Help in using the restroom
  • Help in getting dressed
  • Support in and out of bed
  • Exercises in conjunction with a doctor’s and physical therapist’s orders
  • Meal preparation and planning
  • Laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Transportation to and from any medical and non-medical appointments
  • Companionship

These are just a few of the things our highly skilled and knowledgeable home care aides can assist clients with after surgery. They are available to support your day-to-day needs and get you on track to a comfortable, healthy, and speedy recovery.

CareMo’s care team desires to make sure that clients are able to return to their normal lives during the course of the care. For more information regarding this service, please contact us at (415) 349-4433.